Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Human Classes

Fully 90% of playable inhabitants of the Toronto Ruins and the villages and towns in their immediate vicinity (and sometimes within the Ruins themselves) are human. The other 10% are comprised of elves, dwarves, halflings, and even stranger creatures.

Among humans, players may roll percentiles, or simply choose, to determine descent. Players are encouraged to roll 1d3 times – many people in Ruined Toronto are of mixed heritage. Roll 1d100: (01-07) English , (08-11) Chinese, (12-13) Japanese, (14-18) Irish, (19-22) Scottish, (23-26) Indian, (27-29) Italian, (30-32) Filipino, (33-35), German, (36-38) French, (39-40) Polish, (41-42) Portuguese, (43-45) Jamaican, (46-47) Jewish, or (48) Ukrainian, (49) Russian, (50) Sri Lankan, (51) Spanish, (52) Greek, (53) Korean, (54) Dutch, (55) Iranian, (56) Vietnamese, (57) Pakistani, (58) Hungarian, (59) Guyanese, (60) Welsh, (61) Afghan, (62) Arabic, (63) Barbadian, (64) Bangladeshi, (65) Bulgarian, (66) Colombian, (67) Croatian, (68) Ecuadorian, (69) Ethiopian, (70) Grenadian, (71) Macedonian, (72) Mexican, (73) Nepali, (74) Romanian, (75) Salvadoran, (76) Serbian, (77) Somalian, (78) Tibetan, (79) Trinidadian, (80) Vincentian, (81-82) M├ętis, (83) Inuit, (84) Algonquin, (85) Anishinabeg, (86) Chippewa, (87) Delaware, (88) Hiawatha, (89) Mohawk, (90) Cree, (91) Iroquois, (92) Mattagami, (93) Mississaug, (94) Ojibway, (95) Oneida, (96) Onondaga, (97) Saugeen, (98-99) other First Nation, (00) non-human.

In the event of non-human descent, roll 1d16: (1-5) Elvish, (6-7) Halfling, (8) Goblinoid, (9-10) Bestial (roll 1d7: 1 Feline, 2 Canine, 3 Ursine, 4 Reptilian, 5 Piscine, 6 Cetacean, 7 Other), (11) Alien, (12-13) Faerie. (14-15) Demonic, (16) Other. Whether or not non-human descent has any in-game statistical effect will be determined by the judge on a case-by-case basis. Player input is most definitely solicited!

Human characters may select from any of the human classes in the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook (Cleric, Thief, Warrior, or Wizard). In addition, they may choose from the following additional classes. Note that this is an inclusive, not an exclusive list. If you wish to play a Blood Witch  or a Paladin, I will help you make that happen. You must have a copy of the class, you must make sure that I have a copy of the class, and I need the time to make sure it is reasonably “balanced” with the core classes.

The most common human classes in Ruined Toronto, apart from the standard four, are: Cyborg, DruidMad Scientist, Monk, Petrol Head, Psychic Knight, Scavenger, Skate Hero, Technologist, Technomancer, and Witch. Alternate classes from Mutant Crawl Classics will be rolled in when they become available. 

(Some attempt was made to correlate diversity with Census information, but the attempt was limited because the data totaled more than 100%. You can absolutely choose ethnicities not listed on the above chart!)


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